Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay Per View (PPV) Channels are now available for restreaming, we have now 217 USA local Restreams Channels PPV, 3pm Kick, 24/7 and All other sports channels for only 2 Euros Each channel. Pay Per view Buy Complete list for 200 Euros and you can restream 100 connections same time.

pay per view

Pay-per-view (PPV) is a type of pay television service by which a subscriber of a television service provider can purchase events to view via private telecast. The broadcaster shows the event at the same time to everyone ordering it (as opposed to video-on-demand systems, which allow viewers to see recorded broadcasts at any time). Events can be purchased using an on-screen guide, an automated telephone system, or through a live customer service representative. Events often include feature films, sporting events, and other entertainment programs

IPTV Restreams

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